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360 Degree Work Light


100W 10000lm LED 360 Degree Work Light

Item No














Operating Temp.

-4°F~113°F (-20°C~45°C)


5ft 18/2 SJT

Beam Angle



Fully Lowered: 23.5"
Fully Expanded:  52" 

Product Description

360 Degree Work Light with tripod

The Allmax 360 Perfect Work Light is an all-dimensional product. Firstly, it has a characteristic of omnidirectional lighting. The comprehensive lighting range that Allmax 360 Perfect Work Light can reach makes it suitable for every kind of scenario and working environment. Because the beam is being emitted in all directions, the working environment will be illuminated evenly. In this case, the working environment is more work-friendly because there won’t be a particular stronger beam that stimulates users’ visual. Second of all, in a lot of cases, the human eye can be deceived by different factors, among those, lighting is one of them. Allmax 360 Perfect Work Light has an excellent CRI (90), so it gives the user a better, higher color resolution, meaning the lighting fixture is less restricted to places where it can be applied, therefore, all-dimensional. In galleries, because the visitors need perfect lighting to better see the actual color of the arts itself. This is reaching the standard of gallery light where masterpieces of Picasso, Da Vinci, Zou Wu Ki might be displayed. When the light is being placed in an indoor space where the wall needs to be painted. Users won't have a problem identifying the accurate color of paint that he/she wishes to apply to the wall. The web and mechanical design of the light offers a cooler working temperature. Therefore, it greatly reduces the risk of catching fire after a long working period. Reusable and eco-friendly are some keywords that are highly valued at this time. People started to raise consciousness in helping the earth to deal with excessive pollution damages that could eventually lead to global warming or consequences even detrimental. Allmax understands not only us but also our customers value the importance of environmental protection; therefore, the illuminators of Allmax 360 Perfect Work Light were designed to be replaceable. Customers can easily replace the light bulb by purchasing additional ones, instead of buying a whole new lighting fixture. The Light bulb is capable of generating 10,000 lumens of brightness, making the entire Allmax 360 Prefect Work Light efficient, eco-friendly, and most importantly, all-dimensional.

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