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LED Grow Light

Allmax LED Grow Light is made for anyone, especially for those who plants indoors, including vegetables, decorative plants, commercial crops, fruits, flowers, etc. The light equips the newest technology in color spectrum to create circumstances that facilitate seeding, growing and flowering. With Allmax Grow Light, anyone can achieve success in plant cultivation and become a green thumb.

grow clamp light

17.29 PPF (400-700nm)

grow linkable light

46.028 PPF (400-700nm)

13.09 PPF (400-700nm)

grow light

Grow Bulb Series

22.68 PPF (400-700nm)

30.42 PPF (400-700nm)

30.42 PPF (400-700nm)

Grow string light

33.89 PPF (400-700nm)