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Grow Linkable Light

Grow Linkable Light

46.028 PPF





Red wavelength


Blue wavelength


PPF (400-700nm)


Blue PPF (400-500nm)


Red PPF (600-700nm)


Operating Temp


Product Description

grow linkable panel light

Allmax grow lights were also built with aluminum construction with clear polycarbonate lenses as well as the high quality LED chips equipped within the light that can last up to 50,000 hours. The Aluminum design is meant for cooling of the light. The lifetime and functionality will drastically decrease if the heat generated by the mechanism is not well-processed, and that’s why Allmax decided to conduct aluminum, a metal that’s strong and has a high thermal conductivity.

One special feature of this item is the adjustable color spectrum of the light. Unlike other grow light in the product line, the spectrum is all in one meaning once the plant is exposed under the light beam, both flower and green plants will be facilitated. With this particular item, users can switch between spectrum options that will only facilitate either flower plants or green plants. This is a more advanced option for more experienced planters who might need to control the growth of their plant more closely.

Last but not least. Allmax understands that lots of growers might need more than just a light. That is why Allmax Grow Light is linkable up 5 units via a 15 A outlet.

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