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Product Technical Test

Raining Test

The water-spray apparatus is to consist of three spray heads and mounted per the standard, the water pressure at each spray head is to be maintained at 5/lb/in2(34.5 kPa) and the temperature is to be 20°C-40°C (68°F-104°F).

Using the equipment to test one hour with the light is on, then the construction of a product intended for outdoor use shall not permit the entrance of water into the interior space of the enclosure.


1hour non-stop testing per UL588 standard / Water Temperature 20°C-40°C (68°F-104°F)

Not allow water enter product

Ensure the product will not leak voltage and function keeping stable

Make sure the product does not leak any voltage, the function works as the same before testing.

Burn-In Test

Lighting fixtures often encounter situations where users need it to light up for a longer period of time whether it’s regular usage or emergency circumstances.

And the burning test we conduct helps check the quality of light in being capable of delivering the expectation.

The burning test connects the lighting fixture to power and applies 110% of its rated voltage with the corresponding lampshade attached.

Then the lighting fixture will be operating at its highest output under 25±5℃ of controlled room temperature for 24 hours.

After the test, the appearance and functionality will be examined. All parts should not appear signs of melting, deforming, or loosing and all functions should remain normal.

High and Low Temperature Test

Allmax wishes our product can help more people who work in all ranges of environment, including the extreme ones.

Therefore, the Hi-Low Temperature test helps consolidate it. The Hi-Low Temperature test places the lighting fixture to an environment of -20°C and 50℃ for two hours each, and the fixture should remain fully functional and no flickering should occur.

We also adjust the criterion of higher and lower temperature in regards to different characteristics for different fixtures.

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