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Allmax Lighten Your Life

Striving for breakthroughs in the LED and household industry.


We Are Allmax International

Allmax's redesigned sandal in the 1960s marked a trend in enhancing users' living experiences. Nearly 60 years later, Allmax continues to strive for breakthroughs in the LED and household industries. In our pursuit of being a pioneer in lifestyle, we understand your needs before you do because we constantly challenge what seems impossible.

Allmax LED Lighting

To Allmax, there is never the best one because the better ones are yet to come. By challenging the status quo, Allmax has always believed in the possibility of creating a superior experience for our customers and making their lives better.

The string lights created the perfect atmosphere.

_1130152 2_edited.jpg

Security Lighting

Security Light always lights up your way home.



Landscapes can provide the environment a good ambiance.

Where To Buy

We are business partners with manufacturers of notable US brands.

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