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UL 588 raining testing

Need to use UL raining testing equipment

Testing method and request:

Using the equipment to test one hour with the light is on, then the construction of a product intended for outdoor use shall not permit the entrance of water into the interior space of the enclosure.

The water-spray apparatus is to consist of three spray heads and mounted per the standard.

The water pressure at each spray head is to be maintained at 5/lb/in2(34.5 kPa)

The Test is to be conducted using water with a resistivity of 2000 ohms-cm. The water resistivity is to be obtain by the addition of sodium chloride(common table salt) to distilled water or tap water. The water temperature is to be 20-40C (68-104F)

Within five minutes after the completion of the test the unit shall be maintained in the same orientation as during the application of the rain and also comply with all the following in the order presented:
  • The leakage current test
  • The dielectric voltage-withstand test
  • A visual inspection to determine that water has not entered the interior space of the enclosure