2500lm LED Work Light

C2 series work light is our economic work light, with best C/P ralue, still provide a hight quality lighting as we always do.

IP 44 4000K 50000 Hr

USB charging port on back with rubber cup. The LED Area Light can be used without the tripod. The light can also be used with the stand. To remove the light from the tripod, pull the star knob and lift to release the light.

C2 series work light is our economic works light which bright 2500 lumen LED work light uses the newest LED technology which is the ultimate in convenience, comfort and portability when you need to bring some more light to your work area. The LED is smaller, brighter, energy-efficient and runs longer. It has a natural white light. With its compact size, you can use and store this light almost anywhere.

The light head is adjustable which allows you to position the light head in a way that best fits your application. Use this light to light under a cabinet, while working under a car or anywhere you need to illuminate an area. Unlike a halogen work light, it stays cool to the touch and the bulbs last a lifetime (50,000-hours of use). No more running to the store for replacement bulbs. As an added bonus, it uses less energy per watt than halogen lights. So you stay safe and comfortable while you are working. Our LED work lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use at jobsites, homes and industrial and commercial locations.

  • White C2 series LED Work light
  • Black C2 series LED Work light
  • Quick Release
Item no Wattages Lumens CRI CCT Volts Option
Work Light
Accessory :
Quick Release standard
Work Light
Work Lights
C2-1-850 12W 850 75 4000K 100-240V V - -
C2-1-1000 14W 1000 75 4000K 100-240V V - -
C2-2-2000H5 27W 2000 75 4000K 100-240V V - -
C2-2-2500H5 28W 2500 80 4000K 100-240V V V V
Applications: ◆Workshops ◆Factories ◆Car Repair ◆Storage Warehouse ◆Stadium ◆Temporary Outdoor Lighting