LED Work Light with Flex Tripod Legs

P series is our little giant. With smallest size housing, it provides highest brightness on the similar size product. With successful heat engineering, it reaches more than 1200 lumen, Plus the different stand, you can use this at the most applications.
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Plug in and press power button on located on the back of the light.

  • H Stand
  • Flex Tripod
Item no Wattages Lumens CRI CCT Volts Description Light Output/Lumens Efficacy (lumens per watt) UL
P1200H4 15 1000 75 4000K 100-240V H Stand 1000 lumens 66 6ft AC Adapter
P1200F2 15 1200 80 4000K 110-240V Flex Tripod 1200 lumens 66 6ft AC Adapter
Applications: ◆Workshops ◆Factories ◆Car Repair ◆Storage Warehouse ◆Stadium ◆Temporary Outdoor Lighting