9W 600lm LED Linkable Dusk To Dawn Landscape Light




The Allmax LED landscape accent light is a choice of other than buying three landscape accent light in the same time as what the D2D package have offered. Although the Allmax Linkable dusk to dawn landscape light kit is known as having a superb quality, never think that the landscape accent light will have any difference. Allmax never sacrifice the quality of products just because it is in a cheaper package, customers can still enjoy that sweet 400 lumens light and that beautiful outlook of what a proper landscape light is suppose to be.

The LED low voltage 30 ft. linkable dusk to dawn landscape light kit contain three landscape lights in the package. Most importantly is the D2D sensor inside of the package, the D2D sensor offer the light to only light up when the area is not illuminated and therefore require the help of landscape light. Moreover, not just by detecting the area, the user can set the time of how long the light they want it to last once it’s lighted up.

LED Landscape Accent light 400lumens
Light Output(Lumens) Watts CCT CRI Efficacy LED Life Operating Voltage Operating Temp IP Tating Cord Type
400 6.1 5000K 80 66 100,000 hrs 110-240V -8~176℉ 44 18/2 SJTW,6ft

LED Low Voltage 30ft. Linkable Dusk to Dawn Landscape Light Kit
Lumens Wattage CCT CRI Efficacy LED Life Beam Angle Power Factor Operating Voltage Operating Temp IP Lighting Time Adjustment Cord Type/Length
600(200 per head) 9 Total 5000K 80 66 50,000 hrs 80° 0.9 120V -13~122℉ 65 4-6-8 hrs 18/2 SJTW,30ft