200lm LED Motion Solar Landscape


The Allmax L-200-M LED Motion Solar Landscape is a multi-functioning light including better and advanced adjustments and improvements comparing with the previous model. Specifically, the new version of the Allmax L-200-M has enhanced the length of the beneath the light which is used to stabilize and consolidate the strength of the light implemented on the ground by inserting the stick deeper into the soil.

In this case, Allmax effectively improves the reports and needs of customers encountering the scenario of the light got no stabilized by the unseemly weather situation such as rain, snow, and wind.

Additionally, the new Allmax L-200-M have expanded the battery capacity and size of the solar panel, meanwhile, upgraded the lumen of the light from 80 lumens to 200 lumen which is a great leap of a boost in the entire industry of similar lighting products.

Finally, the newly upgraded Allmax L-200-M carrying the newest generation of PIR motion sensor which is able to sensitively detect any motion in front the light within the great range of and 80 degrees.

With the installation of this powerful PIR motion sensor, Allmax has patented the eco function of the light since Allmax is an environmentally friendly company. In the eco mode (eco mode will be automatically turned on during night time), after few seconds of no motion detected, instead of shutting down all LED lights in the garden light, it would be switched to the second, dim mode instantly(the dim mode is consist of 8 pieces of LED and the bright mode is consist of 48 pieces of LED) .

Overall, the newly upgraded Allmax L-200-M can be perfectly fit the demand of illuminating and embellishing the customers’ garden, pathway, garage, flag, house, tree yard and so on.

200lm LED Motion Solar Landscape
200lm LED Motion Solar Landscape
LED Specs
Lumens Wattage CCT CRI Efficacy LED Life Beam Angle Operating Voltage Operating Temp Detection Range Detection Angle IP Time on
200lm 2W 5000K 70 100 50000hrs 80° DC 3.7v -13~122°F 20ft 180° 65 45 sec