Emergency Beacon

This product considered all situation you might face.It can work at rain,fit most of candition as built-in magnets,3 types of flashing.It can also pass a light truck ran over it.
Water Resistant 8 6000lbs 20-60 Hr
  • Powerful magnetic base
  • Water resistant
  • Super bright 360 degree visibility
  • 2 modes: flash and steady
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Steady mode: 20 hour runtime
  • Flash mode: 60 hour runtime
  • Super bright 360 degree visibility
  • Steady mode: 20 hour runtime

Don’t let an accident become a tragedy and let Allmax to assist you to protect every member of your family.

With that being said, introducing the Allmax LED roadside emergency beacon.

The Allmax roadside emergency beacon considered all scenario and situation our customers might face as it include the built-in magnets, three types of flashing modes.

Firstly, the product can work in multi types of weather because it is a water resistant beacon light. For the coloring of the light, we decided to only giving the selection of yellow and red after testing different reactions of human seeing some other colors. And red and yellow is two of the most effective color when facing a accident of any sort.

The Allmax LED light can be applied for lots of different locations like cars, trucks, boats, RVs, recreational vehicles and camping. Impressively, the Allmax beacon light can endure 6000 lbs of pressure/weight over it, making it extremely durable and tenacious even a large truck run over it.

Item no Wattages Color Modes Lumens Wattage CCT CRI Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt) LED Life Run Time
Steady Flash
Power Run Time
EB1-R 0.5W Red 20 60 5 0.5 5000K 60 25-30 35000hrs 60 hrs (Flash), 20 hrs (Steady)
EB1-Y 0.5W Yellow 20 60 5 0.5 5000K 60 25-30 35000hrs 60 hrs (Flash), 20 hrs (Steady)
Applications: ◆Cars ◆Trucks ◆Boats ◆Recreational Vehicles ◆Camping Powered by 3AAA Batteries, Batteries Not Included.