14W 750 lm Ceiling Light


The Allmax ceiling light is showcasing an extremely simple, traditional design which can be easily fit for any kinds of interior decoration.

Also, containing with the packaging of this product, Allmax have provided with a clear instruction for the users to be easier to install the light by themselves. Components of the ceiling light include screws, crossbars, and wire nuts; by only these three components, users can use it in any indoor occasion without worrying it would drop off and one step further damaging anyone or anything.

Moreover, during the process implementing or renewing the light, the entire process is visible to the user due to its removable and twistable cover. Additionally, the Allmax ceiling light is dimmable with 750 lumens which our customer can adjust how bright they want the light to be in order to create the best-fit atmosphere for the ambiance. Finally, the cover of the ceiling light has been tested as extremely durable and flexible which can easily endure any kind of slight destruction or external force. to sum, the Allmax ceiling light is a compacted product in terms of its comprehensive functionality and absolutely reasonable price.

750 Lumens Ceiling Light
Lumens Wattage Efficacy CRI CCT IP Power Factor Operating Bolts Operating Temp LED Life LED Beam Width
750 14 53 80 4000 20 0.9 120v -4~122℉ 50,000 hrs 120°