33W 2500lm/60W 4400lm LED Utility Bulb

2500/4400 Lumens LED Utility Bulb series offer the most utility application, it could replace your light bulb, shop light or any other product fits E26 plug. Simple, Easy but raise the light quality instantle.
IP 44 4000K 50000 Hr
  • 2500Lumens LED Utility Bulb.
  • 4400Lumens LED Utility Bulb.
Item no Wattages Lumens CRI CCT Volts Diameter
GGL-30SS 33W 3000 70 5000K 120v 9.06''
GGL-50SS 60w 5000 80 5000K 120v 9.84''
Applications: ◆Workshops ◆Garages ◆Basements and Closets