What is Lux?

Lux is the unit of illuminance, to measure the luminous flux incident per unit area, easier say is the brightness on a surface. Lux is lumen per square meter (lumen/m2), so while 1 lumen per square meter equals 1 lux.

Lux of environment for the reference

Suggestion lux is 300~500 at the home.
A sunny day is 100,000lux
A cloudy day is 500~6,000lux
The reading area is 500~1000lux
Office/Classroom is 300~750lux
The living room is 200~3000lux

Different areas need different lux, depends on users’ requests, like doing the surgeries, doctors need higher lux, 2000~5000, or display the product at the main window in the market/department store, may need 1500~300lux.

When the surface is close to the light source the lux will be stronger, higher, the photo as below for reference. Therefore also need to consider the height when installation to avoid the illuminance is not enough or too brighten.